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International Yoga Day 2024

To celebrate International Yoga Day and to help promote exercise for a healthier lifestyle, we are sharing a Yoga practice for you to do at home from our wonderful instructor Caroline. This video can be shared with friends and family, so please do share.

Yoga has some pretty incredible health benefits including increasing your flexibility, strength and balance, improving your cardiovascular functions, reducing anxiety and helping you sleep better. But did you also know it can help boost immunity, reduce inflammation and help to prevent burn out?

The word “Yoga” actually comes from the root word ‘yuj’ meaning to bind or unite and Yoga Asana is the physical practice and postures of Yoga. Whilst the word has several meanings many say it is the connection of body and mind, creating harmony!

We love it, running just under 20 classes each week at the Club, the majority of those being Hatha but we also run Vinyasa and Yin classes. Hatha is the most popular type and is suitable for all members. It focuses on posture and breathing, and sometimes also includes meditation Whilst its practice typically uses a gentle approach, Hatha can include some more challenging poses. Vinyasa (or Flow) on the other hand is faster paced, with quicker, flowing transitions from pose to pose. Yin Yoga is slower and poses will be held for much longer, a perfect unwind for a great night’s sleep!

The practice we would like to share is a 45 minute practice. Before you start:

– Try and clear the room of any clutter if you can to make it easier to focus
on your practice
– Have a drink handy
– You will need a yoga block (or a cushion is a great alternative) and a mat if
you are on a hard floor

If you enjoy the practice and would like to do more at home, we have a on demand area on this website which is included with Club Towers membership or is just £9.99 per month for non-members with a 7 day free trial.

If you are a Club Towers member and don’t have your code, please email and we will send you one.

We hope you enjoy the video. Happy International Yoga Day!